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Top Ten Underrated Guitarists: Overlooked No Longer

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For my Writing For Magazines course, our final assignment was to write a feature article for a magazine of our choice. I decided to write an countdown list about the top ten most underrated guitarists in rock for Guitar World Magazine. I know that many of you may disagree with my list or feel I left some off (I definitely struggle with a few I had to leave off). So after reading my piece, jot down some guitarists you feel don’t receive fair recognition in the comment section. This way we can further shine a light on more unsung guitar gods! But first, take a look at the feature article I wrote (as well as the sidebar about underrated songs). Read the intro first then read the list after the hit.

Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Slash: these are a few of the guitarists who always dominate the covers of magazines. Media outlets are constantly praising their influence and talent. Yet whenever the discussion of guitar idols arises, there always seem to be a few names that don’t get fair acknowledgement. While these guitarists are given honorable mentions and modest placements on count-down lists, they still fail to receive rightful admiration despite their remarkable approach to the guitar.

Well not any more. It’s time to countdown ten guitarists or duos, both current and established, which too often get overlooked.
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Slayer and Megadeth and Testament OH MY!! : What Would Make A Great Addition To An Already Incredible Tour

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By Zach Shaw

While it isn’t exactly the mega historic tour featuring the big four (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) everyone was gossiping about, getting half of that lineup is still pretty unbelievable. Tickets officially went on sale last week for the American Carnage Tour featuring Slayer, Megadeth and Testament. The landmark tour will be taking place this coming January and February. Slayer and Megadeth already did the unthinkable by performing together (despite their slew of heated words for one another) on mini tours in Canada and Australia/New Zealand. So we can thank god that they are giving U.S. fans the chance to see both thrash titans share the stage once again. I myself have already purchased my ticket for their stop in Lowell, MA on February 14 (best part: I only spent a little above $10 for good seats!!! Haha).

Seeing Megadeth and Slayer on their own (let alone together) is enough to make fans storm to a venue. Combine the two with Testament … well HELLZ YEAH! As amazing as this lineup is though, I personally would have liked to have seen one more act added. Not that this line up needs another act to make it any better (umm, did I tell you that Megadeth, Slayer and Testament are playing together?!). However, it would be cool to see the elder gods of metal pass the torch to an up and coming metal band, as a way to put the spotlight on the future of metal.

So who should be the fourth addition who represents the new generation amongst a line up of legends? Well here are a few suggestions of likely candidates and bands I simply would love to see added:

MAJOR UPDATE: The American Carnage Tour has sadly been postponed. Tom Araya’s back issues is the reason behind such sad news (DAMN IT!). Click here for more details. The tour will be postponed until August/September with new dates still pending. On the bright side, this means that some of my opener recommendations could possibly happen now!

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Trivium’s ‘Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour’ Storms Through The Palladium

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One of the best things about seeing a concert at the Palladium (in Worcester, MA) is that no matter where you stand in the small theatre, you’ll feel as if you are right in front of the band. So when Trivium brought the last leg of their fall tour, Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour, to the Palladium this past weekend (November 6, 2009), you can bet that heads were blown straight off. With openers Chimaira, White Chapel and Dirge Within, fans were treated to a spectacular evening of metal up close and personal. Trivium’s performance was proof that they were ready to be our generation’s next metal icons.

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Big Thanks To Metalinsider!

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So last night (November 6, 2009) I was fortunate enough to see Trivium live at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. Also on the bill were Chimaira, White Chapel and Dirge Within. Needless to say it was a great show! I will be posting a review (as well as a few pictures) of the show soon.

However, I wanted to take this time to send a big thanks to Dan at for providing me with access to the show. I’ll be thanking him non-stop this coming week, but I really wanted to give him a shout out for this. As some of you may know, I have been helping the site by contributing news for the News Ticker. It has truly been an amazing honor working for Dan and To Dan and Metalinsider, thank you!

So make sure to check out for music news and analysis. If you love metal and need your constant news fix like me, then you will love this site!

Mayhem Fest Delivers The Goods in Camden, NJ

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The sun is beaming bright. A parking lot is full of sweaty, die hard metal fans. And only the sounds of “SLAYER!” chants can be heard from the crowd. This can only mean one thing: Mayhem Fest has rolled into town. The second annual Mayhem Festival, co-headlined by thrash titans Slayer and the infamous Marilyn Manson, arrived in Camden, New Jersey this past Friday. With a lineup made up of 13 bands spread out on three different stages, this year’s Mayhem Festival delivered the goods. By giving fans such a unique caliber of bands, and the opportunity to interact with those bands and their fellow concert goers, it was close to impossible to leave the show without a smile (or an evil grin if you’re too hardcore to smile). The following is a summary of what went down at each stage and in my opinion which band had the best performance from each stage.

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