The “Rant” Response/Design Expanding Communication As A Tool

As I was reading Rants + Rave editor in chief Aaron Kenedi’s editorial (featured in Print Magazine, Vol. 64, No. 4, August 2010) assigned for our MSIT 3810 reading assignment, the following quote on page 41 really stood out to me:

“Design as an art form and communication tool is more formidable now than ever.”

We can easily see this quote apply to the popularity of phone apps, as Khoi Vinh highlights in the article “New Balance: How Apps Are Changing The Way Designers Create On The Web” (featured in the same issue of Print Magazine). This further explains why in our final projects for the course we must include some form of digital representation. The web and new portable technologies have become the new and most used ways to access information. As technology enhances, so does its design.

It’s important to remember how every detail, every texture, and each use of color can affect the message being enforced through the design and image. With that in mind, I realized that the web site design layout I’ve created niggt need enhancement in order to portray the message I’ve been trying to portray with my digital and print flyers.

First, take a look what I originally created for the home page of my web layout:


Now, take a look at what I added to the background of the head banner:


Both versions have their pros and cons. The original is sleek and relatively simple (nothing too distracting), however it lacks a connection to the print and web ads that I’ve created. The second/experimental one gives the site that connection and a little extra edge. My only fear is that it may be too distracting or too much.

What do you all feel? Which style do you prefer better?


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