Reading Assignment: Brainstorming To This Point

I particularly found Elizabeth Resnick’s discussion about brainstorming (more specifically through thumbnails on page 19) from Design For Communication: Conceptual Basic Design Basics. Reading her instructions of how to go about creating thumbnails reminded me of the experience I went through when creating web and print flyers for my final project.

It took me a little bit of time to discovered the red bar idea (that replicates a sense of prison or jail bars) and the type of blending mode I wanted for it. At the same time, I thought I had come to the conclusion that I would use screen shots from the skits as the background image. However, after I created the big print flyer that featured each cast member’s mug shots from the intro, I realized that my original purpose of the ads were to highlight raunchiness/grittiness of the show. While the screen shots did so, they also gave away key visuals of the actual skit. It gave away premise more so than entice the audience to further watch.

Thus, this process took me from creating the image below (which uses the screen shot of the skit) to the image above (featuring a cast member’s mug shot and a funny tag line).

After observing this transition, what do you think?

In case you also want to see more of what I’ve done so far for the project, you can check out what I just posted on the MSIT 3810 blog as well.


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