Reading Response/ Creating A Button

Information Architecture: Blueprints For The Web’s third chapter starts off with a direct but extremely important point that must be implied to creating websites:

“It’s a simple fact: when you have a certain amount of stuff, you have to organize it. Otherwise, you can’t find anything.”

While chapters 3 and 4 in this book discusses multiple ways to strengthen a website’s organization (such as search engines and metadata), the one that stood out to me was navigation, or even more specifically global navigation (as mentioned in chapter 8, page 192). Navigation in general is a great way to link a lot of information for the user together without compressing too much “stuff” into one page. I think another reason why global navigation especially attracted my attention was because at the moment I am also creating image buttons (a great visual tool to create navigation) for my final Webmasters course project.

In the Webmasters course (which is also in the COPACE department), we have been taught to use GIF constructer to create animated/java buttons. However, I am not a fan of the GIF constructer software (uber sketch in my opinion). That’s why I was excited to see that in addition to this week’s reading for MSIT 3810 (Photoshop class), there was a great instructional video on making rollover graphics. I was hoping that there was a way to create rollover graphics through Photoshop (rather than through GIF constructer), but wasn’t entirely sure how.

I started to play around and follow the steps in the video. However, though her instructions are relatively clear and taught me new tricks I never knew about before, I seem to be having troube with the text reappearing in the new “style.” I am not entirely sure what I am doing wrong or how to fix this error. I am hoping that I can receive some additional help during tonights class (Professor Simmons, is this possible?).

But for now, check out one of the buttons I created for The Kevorkian Slips website layout. I’ve actually finished creating a website layout for the homepage, though am not ready to show it publicly yet. However, while it is still a little rough, I am excited about how it looks so far.

What do you think of the button thus far?


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