Response To Typo/Graphic Posters

As part of the 8th reading/viewing response for MSIT 3810, we looked at the website The site, as you probably figured already, features collections of poster work done by various artists with the goal to “be a timeless source for studies, inspiration and promotion of good design through poster culture and cultivation of typography and pure forms of graphic design.”

One collection of work that stood out to me was from Christos Kontogiorgas. Something about the placement and collage of images and text, along with its gritty color, enticed me. Although, why it did so isn’t exactly clear to me. Maybe I simply like the gritty style and coloring of these posters.

Ironically, even before knowing about the site, I had already started work on a poster for my final project (promotional material for my sketch show, The Kevorkian Slips). I decided to use screen shots of multiple cast members’ intro/prison lineup shots for a poster. Since these shots are the viewers first introduction to the cast and show, I figured that the poster should reflect that too. I played around with each pictures hue, lined them up in rows, and used the see through red bar I’ve used previously in other promo clips. While I originally used them to maintain that “prison” look, my professor, Lynn Simmons, pointed out how the placement of the bars, along with the black and white pictures, actually made it resemble old film reel strips. This was a cool surprise.

You can see the poster above. What do you all think?



One Response to “Response To Typo/Graphic Posters”

  1. […] that I would use screen shots from the skits as the background image. However, after I created the big print flyer that featured each cast member’s mug shots from the intro, I realized that my original purpose of […]

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