The Logo’s Font Type

Zeldman starts off chapter 13 of Designing With Web Standards by saying the following:

“Along with positioning and color, typography is an essential tool of design. Print designers spend years studying the history and application of type… When these traditionally educated designers come to the web, with its limited tools and unpredictable outcomes, they have often been less well equipped to navigate its rocky shoals than those from a nontraditional design background.”

This paragraph stood out to me this past week mainly due to the focus I’ve found myself applying to type and font as of late. For those who don’t know (and as a way to recap), I decided to create web banners, print flyer designs and a website design/idea for my sketch comedy troupe The Kevorkian Slips. When I first started working on the group’s first episode, we had yet to have a real “logo.” I knew, though, how important it was for the logo to not only come off as “well done,” but to also replicate the edgy and mostly politically incorrect humor of The Kevorkian Slips. With that in mind, I created the following through Final Cut:

The image above is a screen shot taken from the video. It’s pretty much been used in anything related to The Kevorkian Slips. The problem, which I didn’t find out until after the first episode aired, was that the font style I used for the logo (known as Cracked) is only “offered” with Macs (and I’m a PC user). I’ve used multiple sites to try and find a similar looking font on Windows and PCs, but nothing comes completely close. Despite this, though, I still didn’t want to change my font type, partly because it’s already been used multiple times and too late to change it in the videos, but mainly because to me it is the perfect fit for the troupe. This meant, then, that I needed to find a way to take all of the text (in its Cracked font) and place in on a transparent and/or blank background so as to use it for other projects.

Because of this, I had to use the magnetic lasso to cut/copy each letter of the logo image so as to place it on a transparent background (I tried magic wand and because the edges are to ragged it didn’t work). It was a long and tedious process, but in the end worked out pretty well. The image at the very top is the resulting product. I also went ahead and started to place the transparent logo on other screenshots taken from the episodes to see how it would look in the bottom corner (in addition to adding clear red bars), which can be seen below.

So, what do you all think? Does the logo’s text replicate the style of the show?


One Response to “The Logo’s Font Type”

  1. […] I played around with each pictures hue, lined them up in rows, and used the see through red bar I’ve used previously in other promo clips. While I originally used them to maintain that “prison” look, my professor, Lynn Simmons, […]

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