The Truly Lonely Hearts Club Band: Class Exercise 3

Here was the class exercise from the fourth Photoshop class: “Create an image that represents layering, repetition, cloning, and experimental use of color through shapes. No text allowed. Alter the color to create a color scheme based either on the color wheel or the content of your image composition. Express yourself through image only as ‘aesthetics of altered media.’ Use of appropriation is encouraged.”

So I decided to take the famous cover from The Beatles’ Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and make them truly lonely. Using the cloning tool, I replaced the entire cast of characters behind The Beatles with the blue back ground. Then I played with the red curve of the picture. To add an extra taint of blue, I added a linear burn blending mode with a blue rectangle. And wha-la!

What do you think?

One Response to “The Truly Lonely Hearts Club Band: Class Exercise 3”

  1. They look very lonely. I wonder what it would look like, and read like, if John and George were faded back, especially since they are on the ends.

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