Ballerinas In Action

On page 216 in Graphic Design: The New Basic (under the chapter “Time and Motion”), the notion of “Implied Motion” is discussed. “Graphic designers use numerous techniques to suggest change and movement on the printed page. Diagonal compositions evoke emotion, while rectilinear arrangements appear static. Cropping a shape can suggest motion, as does a sinuous line or a pointed, triangular shape,” the chapter explains.

After seeing the photography of the ballerinas on page 219 in the same chapter, I decided to play around with the idea of static and cropped motion. Using the cloning tool I learned last week in class, I took a single silhouette of a ballerina I found randomly online (the image of which can be seen after the jump) and created multiple silhouettes; first making three in the middle then another three at the top and bottom opposing corners. I wanted to combine the static and cropped motions to replicate as if one ballerina is in the midst of movement.

What do you think? Did it turn out well? As always, your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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