Many Wheels Of Colors

I found the following from the “Colors” chapter in Graphic Design: The New Basic rather interesting:

“Colors carry different connotations in different societie. White signals virginity and purity in the West, but it is the color of death in Eastern cultures. Red, worn by brides in Japan, is considered racy and erotic in Europe and the United States. Colors go in and out of fashion, and an entire industry has emerged to guide and predict its course.” Page 71.

With that in mind, and as a chance to use the blending mode techniques discussed in chapter 11 of Photoshop CS5: Visual QuickStart Guide, I decided to alter four versions of the color wheel displayed on page 73 in Graphic Design: The New Basic into one image. In a way, I wanted to highlight how color can differ amongst cultures. The wheel on the top right corner is untouched (beside being resized). With a red circle on top of it, I used the darken blending mode for the top left corner wheel. For the bottom left wheel, I used the dissolve blending mode (at about 50% opacity) with a yellow circle on top. Finally, I used the color burn blending mode for the bottom right corner with a blue circle on top. The end result can be seen above.


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