My Frustrations With Photoshop

It’s the third week of the class, and I still find myself struggling with Photoshop. I have been reading Photoshop CS5: Visual QuickStart Guide, yet I’m still not grasping even the basics. Either I don’t understand what it’s saying, or the things I understand I can’t seem to actually do while using the software. So far, my experience with Photoshop has been extremely frustrating! I can’t tell if it’s simply because it’s a difficult software to learn, or if I just don’t have enough patience. Maybe it’s both…or at least I hope it is. Nonetheless, I realize that it’s only been two classes so far (third is tonight). Maybe once I play around with it a little more in class, I’ll gain more confidence.

In the essay “Back To The Bauhaus” (featured in Graphic Design: The New Basics), Elle Lupton discusses how transparency can be a useful tool to construct thematic and or constructional relationships within art, such as conflicting roles. With this in mind, I decided to express the confusion/frustration I have been feeling as of late through the use of imagery, points and lines. I first took a plane background and using brushes created erratic lines and dots. Then, I found a picture of a rose online, and used the magic wand to cut around the flower. Then, using the masking tip we learned in the second class, I made the background I created the top layer and had it replace the inside of the rose. You can take a look at the results above (I did two versions with different colors).

The point/meaning of the message is to see the conflict between two opposing images. The flower represents calmness that I am trying to reach, while the inner lines and dots represent the confusion I actually feel. In a sense (and not to sound over emotional and what not), the inside is how I currently feel with Photoshop, while the outer flower/calmness is the appearance I am trying to maintain.

In short, does what I just explained above seen in the pictures I created? Does it even look like a flower? If you didn’t read this blog posting, would you have gotten the message? As always, your comments and critiques are very welcomed!


2 Responses to “My Frustrations With Photoshop”

  1. Your composition describes perfectly what you have written. To date this is my favorite image that you have created.

  2. Wow, thank you professor!

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