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Intro To MSIT 3810

Posted in Assignments, Photo Shop For Internet Graphics with tags , on January 26, 2011 by zach-attack-shaw

I guess I should start off with what I find myself constantly saying on this blog: I’m sorry for the lack of content! I originally created this blog in the Fall of 2009 for the Computer Mediated Communications course at Clark University, but made the promise to continue writing reviews and opinion pieces even afterwards. Well, I did a somewhat ok job doing that in the Spring of ’10, a lousy job during the Summer of ’10, and (to be blunt) didn’t even bother doing anything last Fall. “What’s my excuse?” you have the right to ask? Well, I know I’ve said it before, but it truly is the truth. A majority of my time away from college is focused on contributing to Since the Summer, I’ve been contributing more to the site. So whenever I write something of music interest, it usually is for rather than for the blog. Whenever I do have free time to write, I just don’t because between school and the website, I tend to get beat (surprise eh?).

So why am I back writing this post? Well, because you can somewhat say that I’m “returning” to the blog. I am currently taking the course Photoshop For Internet Graphics where we essentially learn the ins and outs of using Adobe Photoshop. As part of the requirements, we are suppose to post our class exercises/assignments on our own blog. So rather than create a new one, I decided to use once again. In a way, it’ll be somewhat similar to the written article’s/assignments I’ve posted here in the past. The difference is though that instead of writing, I am expressing my opinions through imagery and photoshop…or at least trying to (hopefully I’ll be somewhat good at it).

Our first reading assignment for the class was to read chapters 5-8 in Photoshop CS5: Visual QuickStart Guide. These chapters focused on guides to using Workspaces, Panels, Pixel Basics, Layer Basics in Photoshop. In response to the readings, I decided to create a “course picture” as a way to play around with layers. The background is a picture I took from an Avenged Sevenfold concert I attended recently (note: I hope to post more pictures from the show very soon. If you are impatient, check them out here). I then changed the image’s color saturation to “+70” to give it a little more glow. Then I added two text layers in Copperplate Gothic Bold font. Also, next to my name, you’ll notice a miniaturized, color altered and cropped version of this picture. If you’re interested to see the difference, you can see the original image of the background and the text layer without the background below. I must admit that I probably could have played around with the image to add more from what I read in the chapters. However, even after the readings I am still not entirely comfortable with Photoshop (in fact, I was originally going to just create something in Word Paint just for this first assignment until I decided to download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop. I hope to actually purchase it soon). Hopefully within the next few weeks my confidence will grow.

So please continue to stop by at to see the new imagery I’ve created for the class. As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts on my work. Even if you don’t like it, let me know! I hope to get back in the habit of writing for this blog as well, though to be honest that isn’t as sure of a thing. If you are still interested in reading new written work from me, please head over to where I continue to contribute news non-stop. Thanks everyone and enjoy!


The Original Picture I Took Pre-Saturation

The Text Layers