My Time In Europe (Surprise, Wasn’t Just Too Lazy To Update The Blog)

It’s been over a month since I’ve updated this blog. I admit, in addition to writing for other sites and publications, I get a bit lazy. However, I had a bit of a bigger excuse this time: I was in Europe!

From May 17 to June 11, I was fortunate enough to take part in the May Term Luxembourg program with over 40 fellow students (both from Clark and Holy Cross). We each took part in one of three courses while staying at the Klouschter in Mondorf, Luxembourg. I was in the Psych class with the great Professor Valsiner where my observation project (which we got to choose) was on interaction with music in Europe. That’s right, I got to go into music bars and CD stores and call it “work”. Our field trips involved going to small towns in France, Germany and Belgium (the towns that you wouldn’t go to if you were a first time tourist in Europe). As if it wasn’t incredible enough to basically live in Luxembourg for a month, each weekend we were free to travel on our own to where ever we wanted. This allowed me to travel to Amsterdam (where I got to stay with my cousins Jim, Monique and Rowan), Bruges and Paris. So in other words, not only did I get to experience Europe, but got to do so with friends (both new and old).

So at this point you may be asking yourself “Sounds great, but why the hell did you not do a weekly ‘journal’ while in Europe?!” Well, though I’d like to say I was just too busy to do so, let’s be honest … I was just too tired to do so when I had down time. So now you are probably expecting me to write down and play by play on every moment from the past four weeks. Well … yeah not going to happen. Too many great experiences to describe and still a bit tired (story of my life eh?). Instead, I’ll let all the pictures I’ve taken from each city and moment (all ten Facebook albums worth) relive the moments.

However, for those who rreeaalllllyy want to know more, I’ve listed a few highlights from the trip (these aren’t the only things and are in no way in any order). Check them out and then see the links to each photo album below.

-When I say Amsterdam is truly a beautiful city, I’m not trying to hint at anything more (that’s right, I didn’t do anything naughty or bad, shocking right?!). But what enhanced my stay in the city was getting to stay and see my cousins. It had been a few years since I had seen them, but it was as if no time had passed. I can’t thank them enough for putting me and Zack Harinton up during our stay.

-Even if the towns we visited during our fields trip were quiet and not that active, getting to stroll around the towns and goof off with Colette, Dan, Philix, Alicia and the rest of the Psych class was extremely fun! Just one of mmaannyy reasons why Professor Valsiner is awesome! Great times.
-“I’m not going to the bar tonight!” Five hours later… “So we’ll go to the bar tonight around 10?” Oh great times at Café De Paree!!

-One of the best surprises (and possibly one of the best highlights as well): interacting with Holy Cross students. I’ll admit that I had my previous opinions of catholic school Holy Cross being a liberal Jew at Clark University. During the first week, you could definitely see a bit of a divide (though we all definitely tried to mingle). But by the second week, that wall definitely came down. We all began to jell, whether it was during our down time both during the day in the Klouschter or night at Club De Paree, or during our weekend trips when we’d bump into each other. My opinion of the Crusaders definitely changed and I am so pleased that I had the chance to interact and create new friendships with them. They truly are great people and I hope that we continue our friendship in the fall (enough of this “our campus’ are too far crap, my laziness is no excuse since we’re only 5 minutes away)!

-One name: Uwe Gertz (the head of the program). You will literally not meet a sweeter or more caring of a man. Whether it’s ensuring that you have a safe travel or if you need an extra towel for your room, he will be there for you. Whatever you needed, he found a way to get it. During the first week, I asked Uwe if there was a way to get a guitar for my project’s experiment (wanted to do a little street performing). I figured that if the Klouschter didn’t have one, then no worries because it wasn’t a necessity. But Uwe said that he would find another way. After the first weekend, he brought HIS acoustic guitar all the way from his house in Germany (2 hours away). He went the extra length just so a student could goof around with a guitar (and so that student could perform acoustic versions of Lady Gaga for the program. Check out video of me and a few fellow friends performing “Bad Romance”). The extent he would go for each student is amazing, and I will always hold gratitude for him because of that.

Well I could probably go on and on with more highlights. But enough!!! Let my pictures share more moments. Click on each country or headline to see the photo albums for each (if Facebook is being a problem and you can’t see them, let me know and I will figure something out). Go ahead and check out pictures from my stays in Mondorf/Home Base, Luxembourg City, Amsterdam, Trier (Germany), Bruges and Paris (both the first and second nights). Also check out the photos I took during my class’ First Field Trip, my “street performance” in Remich and our Last Day/Night in Luxembourg.

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