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My Time In Europe (Surprise, Wasn’t Just Too Lazy To Update The Blog)

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It’s been over a month since I’ve updated this blog. I admit, in addition to writing for other sites and publications, I get a bit lazy. However, I had a bit of a bigger excuse this time: I was in Europe!

From May 17 to June 11, I was fortunate enough to take part in the May Term Luxembourg program with over 40 fellow students (both from Clark and Holy Cross). We each took part in one of three courses while staying at the Klouschter in Mondorf, Luxembourg. I was in the Psych class with the great Professor Valsiner where my observation project (which we got to choose) was on interaction with music in Europe. That’s right, I got to go into music bars and CD stores and call it “work”. Our field trips involved going to small towns in France, Germany and Belgium (the towns that you wouldn’t go to if you were a first time tourist in Europe). As if it wasn’t incredible enough to basically live in Luxembourg for a month, each weekend we were free to travel on our own to where ever we wanted. This allowed me to travel to Amsterdam (where I got to stay with my cousins Jim, Monique and Rowan), Bruges and Paris. So in other words, not only did I get to experience Europe, but got to do so with friends (both new and old).

So at this point you may be asking yourself “Sounds great, but why the hell did you not do a weekly ‘journal’ while in Europe?!” Well, though I’d like to say I was just too busy to do so, let’s be honest … I was just too tired to do so when I had down time. So now you are probably expecting me to write down and play by play on every moment from the past four weeks. Well … yeah not going to happen. Too many great experiences to describe and still a bit tired (story of my life eh?). Instead, I’ll let all the pictures I’ve taken from each city and moment (all ten Facebook albums worth) relive the moments.

However, for those who rreeaalllllyy want to know more, I’ve listed a few highlights from the trip (these aren’t the only things and are in no way in any order). Check them out and then see the links to each photo album below.
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