My Interview With Iron Man 2 Composer John Debney

I know it may seem that I do more writing for than for my own blog. But lately there have been just too many cool opportunities regarding the site. Besides getting to actually write a lot more full articles (in addition to the news ticker), I also got the chance to interview the composer of Iron Man 2’s score, John Debney. You may be thinking at this point, “How did he get to interview a movie composer for a metal website?!” I would have said the same thing if you had told me I’d get to interview him last year. But interestingly enough, a misunderstanding over a previous article I wrote regarding Iron Man 2 actually landed me the interview. Life works in weird ways huh?

So take a look at my interview with John Debs over at, where we discussed his work on Iron Man 2, collaborating with Tom Morello on the score, and what it takes to make it in the movie soundtrack business. Big thanks to my boss Bram for helping me out along the way (even when he was in Austin, Texas for SXSW)! Make sure to keep checking out for up-to-dates on metal news and happenings and the inside scoops on the music industry (not just because I write for it, but because it is a great site!!).

Oh yeah I am showing the new trailer for Iron Man 2 because…..well it looks AWESOME!! Do I need another reason?

One Response to “My Interview With Iron Man 2 Composer John Debney”

  1. LOVE the interview!

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