Mosh This Way: Tom Hamilton Caught At A Devildriver/Behemoth Concert

This past weekend, I got to see Devildriver and Behemoth perform at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. As expected, both bands put on an incredible show. What I didn’t expect though was to see a member from Aerosmith in the audience. That’s right, you heard me. A member of Aerosmith at a metal concert at the Palladium!

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton was in the VIP section during the concert, which also saw performance from Suffocation, Goatwhore and many more. While I’d like to think that Hamilton is a huge black/thrash metal fan, his presence was probably due to his son Julian, who is apparently a huge metal head himself. While he seemed to disappear during Devildriver’s set, Hamilton was visibly enjoying Behemoth’s set. As I looked up to see Hamilton rocking out to Behemoth, I couldn’t help but imagine seeing Behemoth’s Nergal singing “Back In The Saddle”. The more I think about it, the more bizarre it seems.

Check back here to see pictures and my review from this show. Hopefully the post will be sooner then later (I know I’ve been behind on updating the blog and writing reviews. School has got me by the balls though!). I also hope to have pictures and a review of Arch Enemy and Exodus’ show last weekend (my interview with Michael Amott tied me up. More details about that soon!)

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