Its Official…NBC Has Screwed Themselves

If you’ve been around me in person or even or followed me on Facebook for the past week, you’ll know that I have been ranting nonstop about how NBC is screwing Conan O’Brien. First they screwed him back in March when they announced Jay Leno was getting his own hour talk show at 10 pm, giving O’Brien no lead in. Then last week (when NBC could no longer deny that the 10 pm stint failed horribly) they screwed Conan again when they announced plans for Jay Leno to move back to 11:35 pm and move The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to 12:05 am. Because that makes sense, reward an individual who not only sucks but also has cost millions of viewers for your network with his old time slot (can you sense my sarcasm?).

I wanted to extend my wrath in writing for NBC in their decision to show my full support Conan sooner, for he is arguably one of the funniest individuals in Late-Night TV. However, as hard as it was, I decided to wait until Conan’s actions were made official. Well this afternoon, Conan revealed his plans. While it is in his best interest to do so, unfortunately he will be leaving The Tonight Show if NBC moves Leno back. And since NBC has made it publicly clear that they want Leno back at 11:35 PM, the switch will probably happend and O’Brien will be leaving. Click here to read his heart felt and respectful statement.


As much as I don’t want to see him leave, Conan is making the best decision. In no way should O’Brien stand by and allow NBC to disgrace him and the Tonight Show legacy in the way they are planning. NBC has disgustingly bent over for Jay Leno in everyway possible, in return screwing over Conan. They act as if The Tonight Show’s low ratings were due to Conan, when in reality it was Leno’s show that lessened the audience (and can you blame them?). They never gave Conan a fair shot and never game him the push needed. In the end, NBC just lost its one saving grace, the one man who was actually going to bring back praise to The Tonight Show. It is your lost NBC, have fun sinking to the bottom with Leno.

Hopefully it will not take too long for Conan and his crew to find another network home. I feel that the best situation for him is to switch to FOX. While I may not be the biggest supporter of the channel, FOX presents a great platform for Conan. With his youth appeal and brand of comedy, Conan can create a Late Night presence for a channel that never has had one. He could serve to be a great fit for a channel that homes programs like Family Guy and The Simpsons. And if they give him an 11 pm slot, then Conan would truly be the victor.

Where ever Conan chooses to go, let it be known that I will follow. Time and time again Conan has proven himself to be a class act and a true comic genius. As sad as it is to see Conan leave his home of 17 years, at least he can be happy about one thing: He wont have to deal with NBC’s crap any longer.

UPDATE: It is now official… Conan O’Brien will be leaving. His last show on NBC will be on January 22. More details here.

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