A Sad Day…RIP Rev

I woke up feeling good, excited for the new year…….until I heard the news about drummer The Rev (Avenged Sevenfold).

It has been reported that The Rev has passed away. He was 28 years old. This death has left me extremely devastated. Not only is this because Avenged Sevenfold one of my ALL TIME favorite bands (City Of Evil is one of the albums that has heavily influenced me as a guitarist and song writer), but also because of the talent that has been lost. The Rev’s drumming is truly amazing and gave the music an edge. The Rev was also a key player in the song writing, giving songs a unique twist that other metal bands of today failed to capture. One of the highlights of the band’s self-titled release was hearing Rev’s backing vocals on such songs as “Critical Acclaim” and “A Little Piece of Heaven”. He was a musical force to be reckoned with, an individual who along with the rest of Avenged Sevenfold was going to rule the rock world for years to come. While I pray that A7X continue on (my condolences go out to the rest of the band), it still kills me that The Rev wont be able to march on with them.

RIP Rev. I cannot explain how much you will be missed.

One Response to “A Sad Day…RIP Rev”

  1. […] after this piece was originally written, drummer The Rev past away. Click here to read my thoughts on this tragic passing of an amazing musician taken too […]

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