Class May Be Done … But There’s Still More To Come!

As you may or may not know, I originally created this blog as a requirement for a class I was taking called Computer Mediated Communications, taught by Professor Paul Bohan Broderick. With the class’ main focus on Web 2.0 applications and how a culture interacts with it, the class was assigned to create their own blogs and post answers to Macro-Assignments. The goal of this experiment was to see if we could use Web 2.0 applications to expand dialogue regarding class topics outside of class.

However, I knew at the very beginning of this course that I wanted to use my blog for more than just posting homework assignments. With encouragement from Broderick, I have been using my blog to showcase my music reviews and music opinions. I have loved being able to voice my very own thoughts on albums, concerts and hot topic news. With that in mind, you can rest assure that even though the class has ended, will continue.

I would like to take a moment and thank Professor Broderick for his encouragement and support throughout the past semester. His knowledge and wisdom has truly enhanced my understanding of culture and their interactions with new technologies. I look forward to taking apart in his Communication Ethics course next semester.

So keep checking in for new articles and pieces. I will try to update this site with more reviews and opinion pieces as often as I can. Thanks to everyone who supports and checks in regularly! Happy holidays everyone!

-Zach Shaw

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