Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 6: Attending A Virtual Event

1. Which event did you attend? How did you go about attending this event?

I attended a live music video screening online (cool right?!) this past Wednesday night (December 2). The rock group 3 premiered their music video for their song “Rabid Animals” live on a music website called The band and video director Chase Pierson appeared live via LiveStream and interacted with fans through a chat room set up on the site. They answered fans questions before and after showing the music video a couple of times. The event ended at 11pm with an acoustic instrumental performance for everyone viewing. There were about 45-65 people in and out of the chat room posting questions as well as comments.

The video that they premiered, “Rabid Animals”, was actually shot in front of a live stream online. Fans were able to view and chat with the band in a similar fashion as to the event I attended. In addition to being able to make suggestions for the video while they were filming, 3 actually featured submitted video of their fans “foaming” from the mouth in the video. On top of that, footage was taken with only web cams and flip cameras (which I thought was extremely cool). In a sense, this video was made online. In addition to these past online events, 3 will be streaming their record release concert live from Woodstock, NY on their band’s live stream on Friday, December 4 at 8:30 pm. I highly recommend checking it out!!

2. What happened? Did anything unexpected happen?

Besides a few tiny glitches (which were not that bad), the event ran really well and smoothly. Not only did I post comments and questions for the band, but they actually responded! I asked the question “What lead you guys to holding such cool events like these online?” Singer/guitarist Joey Eppard explained how they wanted to do more then just film a video to put on MTV and do something that would really connect to their fan base. I was extremely flattered that I even received a response. However, in a surprise course of action, Chase the director followed the singer’s answer by saying “Wait is that Zach Shaw?! Oh hey! Why haven’t you returned my calls?!” Sadly, I wasn’t the same Zach Shaw he was thinking of (unless if I misunderstood which Zach Shaw he was talking about. If so, call me Chase! Haha). “Oh. It’s a different Zach Shaw? Well you haven’t called me back either!” he joked once realizing the mistake. I have to admit, even though he mistook me for someone else, I was still extremely flattered by the shout out. It definitely made my night!

3. Was this experience any good? Would you recommend it to others?

This was an amazing experience. Even though it was open to the entire world online, the event felt like it was an intimate social gathering. I felt as if I was actually apart of a conversation with the director and band and not just an observer. Mixing Q&A with a video screening and an acoustic performance, 3 did an amazing job at using new technologies to better connect with their audience. This was truly a unique experience that I would recommend to any music fan. In other words, you should absolutely check out the live stream of their record release concert live from Woodstock, NY on their band’s live stream on Friday, December 4 at 8:30 pm!!! I believe the show will be streaming on

I must admit, this was actually my firs time hearing music from 3, despite hearing rave reviews. After seeing the video for “Rabid Animals”, I have come to see how awesome these guys truly are. With its mix of melodic and progressive rock, it’s a safe bet that 3 will blow you away! Check out the band on their MySpace page. Their latest release, Revisions, was released on October 26 via Metal Blade Records. Check these guys out!!

4 Responses to “Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 6: Attending A Virtual Event”

  1. Hdy Zach, I’m just wondering how you found this virtual event? I haven’t attended one yet and I’m stuck on what I should do…any suggestions? Is there other bands that I can check out live?

    • zach-attack-shaw Says:

      I really enjoyed it! I thought it was really cool how you really felt like you were chatting with the band and not just watching a video.

      I’m not totally sure about other online events for bands. However here are a few things I’ve found that I thought could be cool:

      -Live web cam q-and-a session with legendary bassist Bob Daisly on He has performed with such acts as Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and many more. Could be a great chance to interact with a well known and respectable musician. It will happen on December 11 at 8pm on

      -Exodus Live Web cam from the studio via uStream and Facebook. The metal thrash titans are allowing fans to watch them in the studio as they record the new album. This would be a cool thing for anyone interested in observing how a band works in the studio. The first session already occured on Dec. 7 however the badn will keep fans updated via twitter and facebook about when the next sessions will be. Check this out for more details:

      Ill let you know if there are any more coming up, but thats all Ive seen so far. Good luck!!!

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