Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 5: Build “Something”

1. Which application did you use to create something? How could other members of the class go about accessing your stuff?

I used Facebook to create a “Fan Page” for my sketch comedy show The Kevorkian Slips. The point of having a fan page of something on Facebook is to showcase information to fans. It’s a great way to keep people updated with news and special features (including pictures and videos) and promote a product/show/business. The difference between a Facebook “fan page” and “group” has become less and less diverse. Previously, a “fan page” allowed one to update its “fans” faster by featuring a “fan page status” (similar to a status featured on a single person’s page). However, Facebook “groups” have incorporated the same design and format (including status updates) as “pages”. So in reality, there are no longer distinct/recognizable differences between the two.

People can access the fan page by simply typing in The Kevorkian Slips in Facebook’s search engine or click here.

2. How much time/effort was required in building your creation?

Not much time was required to actually create a Facebook “fan page”. It took a few minutes to add the show’s description and details regarding the cast, the writers, the producers and the airing of the show. Since I already had a picture I wanted to use for the “fan page”, it took no time to upload the picture. It probably helped that I am very familiar with making Facebook “fan pages” and “groups” previously. What took the most time, however, was suggesting my Facebook “friends” to become “fans” of the page. This is basically the same as “inviting” Facebook “friends” to become members of a Facebook “group” or to attend a Facebook “event”. You literally go through each person and click on the icons of friends you want to invite/suggest. Because I invited a majority of friends from Clark to become a “fan” of my sketch show (keep in mind, I have a little under 900 friends on Facebook and a majority of them attend Clark University), it took me over 20 minutes to suggest the fan page to people.

3. Do you like what you have made?

I am pleased with the fan page of The Kevorkian Slips. It provides fans with details regarding the show. It also provides me with a platform to promote the show. I can use the page’s status to update it with show related events, show airings on Clark Cable Network (CCN) Channel 11, and show related news. I can also post videos on the page as a way to provide people with previews. So yes, I am pleased with the Facebook “fan page” I have created.

Since I created the fan page to promote The Kevorkian Slips, let me be a publicity whore. The Kevorkian Slips’ first episode will premier on CCN Day! The screening (along with the debut of other original CCN programming such as Horde House and other student short films) will take place on December 10, 2009 at 9pm at Clark University’s Cafeteria (in the UC). Click here for more details regarding CCN Day.

UPDATE: The first episode of The Kevorkian Slips is now online. Check out the entire episode on our Youtube Channel!!

The Kevorkian Slips will also be shown regularly on CCN Channel 11 (available on Clark University Campus) and online.

2 Responses to “Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 5: Build “Something””

  1. Sarah St. Amour Says:

    I kept seeing people “become a fan” of this on facebook and didn’t know what it was until I read your blog, I guess this means I should read the comm blogs more often!

    • zach-attack-shaw Says:

      haha well thats cool that alot of people are becoming fans of this and that your at least seeing the page! Yay Web 2.0 advertising! haha

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