Slayer and Megadeth and Testament OH MY!! : What Would Make A Great Addition To An Already Incredible Tour

By Zach Shaw

While it isn’t exactly the mega historic tour featuring the big four (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) everyone was gossiping about, getting half of that lineup is still pretty unbelievable. Tickets officially went on sale last week for the American Carnage Tour featuring Slayer, Megadeth and Testament. The landmark tour will be taking place this coming January and February. Slayer and Megadeth already did the unthinkable by performing together (despite their slew of heated words for one another) on mini tours in Canada and Australia/New Zealand. So we can thank god that they are giving U.S. fans the chance to see both thrash titans share the stage once again. I myself have already purchased my ticket for their stop in Lowell, MA on February 14 (best part: I only spent a little above $10 for good seats!!! Haha).

Seeing Megadeth and Slayer on their own (let alone together) is enough to make fans storm to a venue. Combine the two with Testament … well HELLZ YEAH! As amazing as this lineup is though, I personally would have liked to have seen one more act added. Not that this line up needs another act to make it any better (umm, did I tell you that Megadeth, Slayer and Testament are playing together?!). However, it would be cool to see the elder gods of metal pass the torch to an up and coming metal band, as a way to put the spotlight on the future of metal.

So who should be the fourth addition who represents the new generation amongst a line up of legends? Well here are a few suggestions of likely candidates and bands I simply would love to see added:

MAJOR UPDATE: The American Carnage Tour has sadly been postponed. Tom Araya’s back issues is the reason behind such sad news (DAMN IT!). Click here for more details. The tour will be postponed until August/September with new dates still pending. On the bright side, this means that some of my opener recommendations could possibly happen now!

Machine Head: These guys would probably be everyone’s first choice for multiple reasons. 1. Machine Head already took part in Slayer and Megadeth’s previous tours. 2. Both Slayer and Megadeth have praised them not stop for their greatness. 3. fans simply cannot get enough of them (rightfully so) And 4. to simply put it: THEY ARE AWSOME!!! The only reason why they probably wouldn’t take part in this tour is because they have been touring non-stop for the past 3 years (you name the band, they probably were on tour with them recently). As much as I love The Blackening, I’d recommend that the band takes a tiny rest and record another great album. The more music from Machine Head the better!

Shadows Fall: These guys would probably be one of my first choices. Hot off of their latest release Retribution, the boys from Mass have proven that they are ready to be the next big metal icons. Being part of such a major tour would be great exposure to a band who put on a top-notch show and have grown as musicians and song writers. Hopefully the band will get on Mayhem Fest next year (maybe we could also start a campaign to get them on this tour? I’d be down to push!).

Suicide Silence: These guys would be a likely choice because they also served as openers (along with Machine Head) on Slayer and Megadeth’s previous tours this past year. They are an up and coming band who has received both critical and fan praise for their music and live show.
UPDATE: It appears that Suicide Silence has been removed from the last show of Megadeth’s most recent U.S. tour (where they were the second to last openers) under not so great circumstances. Read more here. So this makes their chances of appearing on the American Carnage Tour very unlikely.

God Forbid: Call me biased, but I would love to see my fellow NJ thrashers on such a line up. Not only do they put on an energy packed show, but they have continue to grow musically (I dare you to listen to their latest release Earthsblood and tell me it isn’t spectacular). God Forbid is a band that should be amongst the top of their generation (always just shy of getting the rightful exposure), and being a part of this tour would help get them there faster.

Devildriver: Mixing melody with hardcore death metal, Devildriver has always stood out amongst the crowd. Always releasing incredible albums (listen to their recent release Pray For Villains asap!), they have always been just shy of getting the exposure they deserve. With their intense live shows, Devildriver would have made a great addition to an already amazing tour. Sadly, these guys will definitely not be apart of this tour for they just announced a tour with Suffocation that will occur during the same time. A shame, but hell: a Devildriver and Suffocation tour is pretty awesome as well!!!

High On Fire: These guys are also likely candidates for being a late addition since they were rumored to be on the lineup before the American Carnage Tour was confirmed (only to not be included in the official press release). While they wouldn’t be my first choice, High On Fire are a great band and know how to put on a hell of a show. Plus, with their sludge metal sound, the band would stand out in a lineup filled with thrash metal.

Trivium: Admit it, once you saw the name in front of this you screamed out loud “Oh Hell Yeah!”. Trivium’s mix of screaming and melodic thrash would be a perfect addition to this tour (maybe too perfect if that’s possible). Add in their powerful performance (see my review of their show in Worcester, MA) and you’d get even the pickiest old metal fans believing they saw the second coming. As perfect as this may seem, this addition may be unlikely for Trivium announced the most recent leg of Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour as their last tour in support of the album Shogun. Then again, I would probably change around my schedule if I got offered to open for Slayer AND Megadeth.

The Black Dahlia Murder: After seeing them on Mayhem Fest this past summer, I have been hooked. Black Dahlia Murder’s music and performance would simply make them a great addition to such a lineup. ENOUGH SAID!

Chimaira: The boys from Cleveland, Ohio would tear the stage apart night after night (see my review of their opening slot at Trivium’s show for more on their awsome live performance). With its mix of sludge and hardcore, Chimaira would stand out amongst the lineup of legends. Additionally, Slayer guitarist Kerry King has praised them many times over the past few years (thus making their chances a lot stronger).

So these are who I would suggest to be the new addition to an already amazing bill. To repeat, I am not saying that the American Carnage Tour needs to acquire an additional band (the three thrash gods are wwaayy more than enough). I am just saying it would be cool to see a newer band get the chance to be exposed to a wider audience.

Is there a band I left off that you feel deserves to be considered? Which up and coming band would you want to see go on tour with Megadeth, Slayer and Testament? Leave a comment and let your choice be heard!

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