Trivium’s ‘Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour’ Storms Through The Palladium

One of the best things about seeing a concert at the Palladium (in Worcester, MA) is that no matter where you stand in the small theatre, you’ll feel as if you are right in front of the band. So when Trivium brought the last leg of their fall tour, Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour, to the Palladium this past weekend (November 6, 2009), you can bet that heads were blown straight off. With openers Chimaira, White Chapel and Dirge Within, fans were treated to a spectacular evening of metal up close and personal. Trivium’s performance was proof that they were ready to be our generation’s next metal icons.

Things got off to a good start even before Trivium hit the stage. While I can’t say I was extremely impressed by White Chapel and Dirge Within’s musical capabilities, the two openers’ energy onstage was impressive enough. However, it was Chimaira who by far stood out amongst the openers. With their mix of metal-core and groove/nu metal, the boys from Cleveland, Ohio crushed the stage with force. Singer Mark Hunter pounced the staged with strength as he tore through scream after scream with keyboardist/sampler Ben Schigel on backing vocals . Guitarists Matt DeVries and Rob Arnold pounded riff after riff as bassist Rob Lesniak and drummer Jason Genaro kept the sound tight. As intense as the music was, it was the sense of joy within each band member that made their slot exciting to watch. You could see that the band was having as much fun onstage as the audience in pit was.





While the openers got the frenzied crowd warmed up, headliners Trivium stole the night. Even though the Palladium is a 2000 capacity venue, Trivium performed as if they were in front of a packed arena. With its mix of hardcore and melodic thrash, the band delivered an adrenaline filled performance that kept fans headbanging and moshing during their entire hour and a half set. As they played songs from all four of their albums, you could see genuine thrill in their eyes as they lead their fans into non-stop movement. Each band member displayed confidence, something many bands in today’s metal scene lack live. Throughout the entire night, singer/guitarist Matt Heafy had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. Heafy possessed a blend of charisma and strength as he traded vocals and guitar solos with the ferocious Corey Beaulieu (guitarist). Bassist Paolo Gregoletto let his presence be known has he leaped all across the stage and lead fans into chants, all while playing bass and singing back up vocals. Even former drum tech Nick Augusto, who is filling in for drummer Travis Smith on this leg of the tour, appeared as if he had been playing the set his entire life.












Seeing Trivium take command of the entire audience was awe inspiring. To see a band display strength and passion up close in such a small venue is truly a unique experience. It was as if you were watching the beginning of future metal gods. Ironically, watching the band’s strong presence onstage made you think of another metal god: Metallica (who many criticize Trivium’s album The Crusade for sounding too similar to). However, the comparison between the two bands’ performances should be taken as a high compliment, for it shows how Trivium has evolved from an up-in-coming band into a metal force to be reckoned with.

-Zach Shaw

Click here to see my Thank You to (who made it possible for me to attend this show).

5 Responses to “Trivium’s ‘Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour’ Storms Through The Palladium”

  1. Hey Zach
    I’ve noticed that you’re one of the few people who doesn’t just use your blog for class assignments and I’m so glad! I’m been looking for blog posts that I’m interested in, and want to comment on, but it’s been tough reading class assignments over and over. It’s like a breath of fresh air to read something not related to class and although I’m not a huge metal fan, I still enjoy reading your posts!

  2. […] to this tour (maybe too perfect if that’s possible). Add in their powerful performance (see my review of their show in Worcester, MA) and you’d get even the pickiest old metal fans believing they saw […]

  3. Sungwoo Jeong Says:

    Hi. So I attended this show and I was in the front row but do you know anyone who has pics of front row? thanks!

    • zach-attack-shaw Says:

      Sadly I don’t. My friend went into the pit a lot during the show, but he was too busy moshing haha. Sorry!

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