Granted, this year’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest just finished a few months ago and it’ll be another few months until rumors about next year’s line up spread on the internet (let alone the official announcement). However, Shadows Fall wants to secure a spot on the 2010 lineup early. The band has asked fans to go onto Mayhem Fest’s Facebook page, Myspace page, and Twitter page and demand for Shadows Fall to be on next year’s line up. They are even willing to give away a free bonus song and a pair of tickets to people who help if the band gets onto the festival.

I’ll admit that getting a free song and ticket is enough to entice anyone. However, I want to help out for more than just free stuff. Shadows Fall is arguably one of the best metal bands to come out of my generation. Not only do they continue to better themselves album after album (read my review on their latest release, Retribution, to see what I mean), but they also give every ounce of energy onstage. As a band that goes over the top to produce great music and performances for their fans, it is about time for us (the fans) to pay Shadows Fall back.

Getting the boys from Massachusetts onto Mayhem Fest will also be beneficial to an already top notch festival. As you may remember from my review, I had an amazing time at this past year’s Mayhem Fest. This year’s lineup was truly remarkable, and the festival as a whole provides metal fans with an opportunity to experience new and favorite bands. Mayhem Fest truly gives metal fans their moneys worth. If they want to continue to give the metal community a top notch show, then Mayhem Fest better put Shadows Fall on this coming year’s line up.

So I already stormed Facebook and Twitter. Now I ask you to help out. Go to the links above, or check out Metalinsider.net, for more information and links. Get Shadows Fall on the 2010 Mayhem Fest!! Make it happen!!

3 Responses to “A Message to Mayhem Fest: GET SHADOWS FALL FOR NEXT YEAR’S LINE UP!”

  1. Thanks for the support Zach!! Would you like to do an email interview with the band?

  2. […] show and have grown as musicians and song writers. Hopefully the band will get on Mayhem Fest next year (maybe we could also start a campaign to get them on this tour? I’d be down to […]

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