Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 4: Playing Well With Others

1. How many of your comments turned out to be the only comments attached to a particular post?

Most of my comments were the only ones for particular posts (with the exception of Becca’s post about her filming project). However, I did receive a reply to my post on Libby’s post regarding Second Life. Her reply engaged a discussion about the post’s topic.

2. How many different blogs did you comment only? (Remember: 3 is a minimum number, you are not limited to only three people)

I so far have only commented on four different blogs, with the intention to comment more. I have been having trouble posting comments on blogs using Since I use, I guess it is a little trickier to post a comment on Blogspot users (even though it says I can leave a comment on my WordPress address). Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

3. Did you tend to respond to people you already knew from outside the class?

At first I tended to respond to people I knew (at least knew as more than just as fellow students). However, I have been trying to take a look at more blogs, preferably ones with more active posts.

4. Do you think this is a useful way to communicate in a class setting?

I think it is a creative way to communicate in a class setting. Instead of making students post responses on Cicada discussion boards, we are given a platform to stretch our own input. It creates more of a personal connection for the student, allowing the class to see a different side of each other and not just the person they see in class.

5. What are the advantages/disadvantages of this method of communication?

The personal input I mentioned above in answer 4 is a major advantage of blog comments. A disadvantage to this method, however, is ensuring students view everyone’s blog. With 24 blogs, students may not look at every post. Thus, you are faced with the same issue of a lack of participation as you may see with Cicada.

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