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Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 5: Build “Something”

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1. Which application did you use to create something? How could other members of the class go about accessing your stuff?

I used Facebook to create a “Fan Page” for my sketch comedy show The Kevorkian Slips. The point of having a fan page of something on Facebook is to showcase information to fans. It’s a great way to keep people updated with news and special features (including pictures and videos) and promote a product/show/business. The difference between a Facebook “fan page” and “group” has become less and less diverse. Previously, a “fan page” allowed one to update its “fans” faster by featuring a “fan page status” (similar to a status featured on a single person’s page). However, Facebook “groups” have incorporated the same design and format (including status updates) as “pages”. So in reality, there are no longer distinct/recognizable differences between the two.

People can access the fan page by simply typing in The Kevorkian Slips in Facebook’s search engine or click here.

2. How much time/effort was required in building your creation?

Not much time was required to actually create a Facebook “fan page”. It took a few minutes to add the show’s description and details regarding the cast, the writers, the producers and the airing of the show. Since I already had a picture I wanted to use for the “fan page”, it took no time to upload the picture. It probably helped that I am very familiar with making Facebook “fan pages” and “groups” previously. What took the most time, however, was suggesting my Facebook “friends” to become “fans” of the page. This is basically the same as “inviting” Facebook “friends” to become members of a Facebook “group” or to attend a Facebook “event”. You literally go through each person and click on the icons of friends you want to invite/suggest. Because I invited a majority of friends from Clark to become a “fan” of my sketch show (keep in mind, I have a little under 900 friends on Facebook and a majority of them attend Clark University), it took me over 20 minutes to suggest the fan page to people.

3. Do you like what you have made?

I am pleased with the fan page of The Kevorkian Slips. It provides fans with details regarding the show. It also provides me with a platform to promote the show. I can use the page’s status to update it with show related events, show airings on Clark Cable Network (CCN) Channel 11, and show related news. I can also post videos on the page as a way to provide people with previews. So yes, I am pleased with the Facebook “fan page” I have created.

Since I created the fan page to promote The Kevorkian Slips, let me be a publicity whore. The Kevorkian Slips’ first episode will premier on CCN Day! The screening (along with the debut of other original CCN programming such as Horde House and other student short films) will take place on December 10, 2009 at 9pm at Clark University’s Cafeteria (in the UC). Click here for more details regarding CCN Day.

UPDATE: The first episode of The Kevorkian Slips is now online. Check out the entire episode on our Youtube Channel!!

The Kevorkian Slips will also be shown regularly on CCN Channel 11 (available on Clark University Campus) and online.


Slayer and Megadeth and Testament OH MY!! : What Would Make A Great Addition To An Already Incredible Tour

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By Zach Shaw

While it isn’t exactly the mega historic tour featuring the big four (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax) everyone was gossiping about, getting half of that lineup is still pretty unbelievable. Tickets officially went on sale last week for the American Carnage Tour featuring Slayer, Megadeth and Testament. The landmark tour will be taking place this coming January and February. Slayer and Megadeth already did the unthinkable by performing together (despite their slew of heated words for one another) on mini tours in Canada and Australia/New Zealand. So we can thank god that they are giving U.S. fans the chance to see both thrash titans share the stage once again. I myself have already purchased my ticket for their stop in Lowell, MA on February 14 (best part: I only spent a little above $10 for good seats!!! Haha).

Seeing Megadeth and Slayer on their own (let alone together) is enough to make fans storm to a venue. Combine the two with Testament … well HELLZ YEAH! As amazing as this lineup is though, I personally would have liked to have seen one more act added. Not that this line up needs another act to make it any better (umm, did I tell you that Megadeth, Slayer and Testament are playing together?!). However, it would be cool to see the elder gods of metal pass the torch to an up and coming metal band, as a way to put the spotlight on the future of metal.

So who should be the fourth addition who represents the new generation amongst a line up of legends? Well here are a few suggestions of likely candidates and bands I simply would love to see added:

MAJOR UPDATE: The American Carnage Tour has sadly been postponed. Tom Araya’s back issues is the reason behind such sad news (DAMN IT!). Click here for more details. The tour will be postponed until August/September with new dates still pending. On the bright side, this means that some of my opener recommendations could possibly happen now!

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The current Aerosmith fiasco has been publicized in the news since this past week (though some could argue that this has been brewing since Steven Tyler’s shoulder injury from falling off the stage this past summer). First, Joe Perry hints that Steven Tyler doesn’t want to be in Aerosmith any more in a variety of interviews. Then Joe Perry goes on Twitter and “confirms” that Aerosmith will go on without Tyler. However, in a bizarre twist, Steven Tyler appears onstage with Joe Perry during his solo show (with the Joe Perry Project) in New York City on November 10. Tyler said onstage before singing “Walk This Way” that he was not quitting the band. So you’d think that would be the end of all this crap talk, right? Well, wrong. In another surprising turn of events, Joe Perry tells following the performance that things are still not good in the Aerosmith camp. “He wants to take two years off from the band. The rest of the band wants to keep on working” Perry says. So in other words, the soap opera known as Aerosmith shall continue.

With all of this drama going on, the best thing Aerosmith can do to retain any dignity is to simply break up. Keep in mind, I love Aerosmith. I’ve seen them live twice and they know how to put on a great show. However, the band hasn’t released an album since 2001’s Just Push Play (I refuse to count the blues cover album Honkin On Bobo). Instead of taking time to record a new album (or at least take time to rest their old bones), the band goes on constant tours that see them playing in the same cities once every year. It has gotten to the point where it is no longer extraordinary to go see them live. If you missed them on a certain leg of the tour, chances are you could just catch them a few months later. Aerosmith needs to give fans more reason to come out and pay big bucks to see them perform the same hits live. They either need to record a new album or just break up. With the high tensions currently in the band, the chances of a new album or extremely doubtful (which is a shame because they were planning to go into the studio with producer Brendan O’Brien before this past summer tour). By saying they should break up, I’m not saying they should call it quits for good. I mean to say that Aerosmith should temporarily break up and in five years or so do a reunion tour. Sure, the boys aren’t getting any younger (or healthier for that matter), but lets face it, as long as each member is still breathing, they’ll probably be willing to tour. The goal for them should be to make fans miss them. Taking the band out of activity will make fans realize how much they love the music and how much they miss hearing them live. By the time the band reunites, fans will have a reason to see them live again.

The one thing they cannot do, however, is what Joe Perry has been hinting at: replacing Steven Tyler and continuing under the name Aerosmith. It may seem tempting to continue on as Aerosmith without Tyler, but it is simply a BAD idea. You have to realize that Aerosmith is no longer just a band. With all the commercial success since the early 90’s, Aerosmith has become a brand. As sad as it may sound, Aerosmith has become just as much (if not more) about selling a brand image as they are about creating music. By replacing Tyler and continuing to call themselves Aerosmith, you tarnish the brand name and lose legitimacy. While this shouldn’t even cross the minds of other bands, it unfortunately has to Aerosmith (who rely heavily on the image). So go ahead and play together on the road and maybe even record new material together. Hell, get a famous singer and create the ultimate super group (its working for Chickenfoot). But unless Tyler stays in the band, DO NOT CALL IT AEROSMITH. You do not want to lessen the legacy you have created for over 4 decades (you came close to losing it in the early 80’s, but you can thank RUN DMC for saving you).

So hopefully the Aerosmith drama won’t get dragged out too much longer (though I’m sure it will). They need to decide now what the future holds for them before things get more irritating. I think what is the most annoying part about this is that whether they break up or not, the original Aerosmith lineup will tour again at some point. Because as long as someone sees that profit can be made from the five of them playing together, you know that no feud can prevent that from happening. I guess it is more of a question of how long will they wait. If they were smart, they would wait a while. But then again, smarts doesn’t seem to have any role here.

-Zach Shaw

Trivium’s ‘Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour’ Storms Through The Palladium

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One of the best things about seeing a concert at the Palladium (in Worcester, MA) is that no matter where you stand in the small theatre, you’ll feel as if you are right in front of the band. So when Trivium brought the last leg of their fall tour, Into The Mouth Of Hell We Tour, to the Palladium this past weekend (November 6, 2009), you can bet that heads were blown straight off. With openers Chimaira, White Chapel and Dirge Within, fans were treated to a spectacular evening of metal up close and personal. Trivium’s performance was proof that they were ready to be our generation’s next metal icons.

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My Opinion On The Evolution Of Music News On The Web

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I recently received a comment from a fellow class mate/friend from my Computer Mediated Communications Class on one of my posts. As I was responding to her insightful questions, I realized that not only was I writing a paper in the reply box, but that my response could be an interesting thing for others to read as well.

Here is what she posted/asked:
I really like your blog! I really haven’t been using my blog for anything else besides Comm 170, but yours has inspired me to add images and talk about a wider range of topics. On a different note, I am also a metal fan so I think it’s pretty cool that you report on the latest in the industry. So, I want to know, do you find blogging the best way to communicate about metal news and concert info? Was there any other medium you previous used to do so before you started blogging? When did you start reporting? Do you see your blog as a form of resume building for a possible future in journalism? Okay, enough with the 20 questions haha. In summary– Cool blog, keep posting!
-Juliet Tripaldi
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Big Thanks To Metalinsider!

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So last night (November 6, 2009) I was fortunate enough to see Trivium live at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. Also on the bill were Chimaira, White Chapel and Dirge Within. Needless to say it was a great show! I will be posting a review (as well as a few pictures) of the show soon.

However, I wanted to take this time to send a big thanks to Dan at for providing me with access to the show. I’ll be thanking him non-stop this coming week, but I really wanted to give him a shout out for this. As some of you may know, I have been helping the site by contributing news for the News Ticker. It has truly been an amazing honor working for Dan and To Dan and Metalinsider, thank you!

So make sure to check out for music news and analysis. If you love metal and need your constant news fix like me, then you will love this site!


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Granted, this year’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest just finished a few months ago and it’ll be another few months until rumors about next year’s line up spread on the internet (let alone the official announcement). However, Shadows Fall wants to secure a spot on the 2010 lineup early. The band has asked fans to go onto Mayhem Fest’s Facebook page, Myspace page, and Twitter page and demand for Shadows Fall to be on next year’s line up. They are even willing to give away a free bonus song and a pair of tickets to people who help if the band gets onto the festival.

I’ll admit that getting a free song and ticket is enough to entice anyone. However, I want to help out for more than just free stuff. Shadows Fall is arguably one of the best metal bands to come out of my generation. Not only do they continue to better themselves album after album (read my review on their latest release, Retribution, to see what I mean), but they also give every ounce of energy onstage. As a band that goes over the top to produce great music and performances for their fans, it is about time for us (the fans) to pay Shadows Fall back.

Getting the boys from Massachusetts onto Mayhem Fest will also be beneficial to an already top notch festival. As you may remember from my review, I had an amazing time at this past year’s Mayhem Fest. This year’s lineup was truly remarkable, and the festival as a whole provides metal fans with an opportunity to experience new and favorite bands. Mayhem Fest truly gives metal fans their moneys worth. If they want to continue to give the metal community a top notch show, then Mayhem Fest better put Shadows Fall on this coming year’s line up.

So I already stormed Facebook and Twitter. Now I ask you to help out. Go to the links above, or check out, for more information and links. Get Shadows Fall on the 2010 Mayhem Fest!! Make it happen!!