Dethklok and Mastodon Bring Metal’s Hottest Fall Tour To Boston

By Zach Shaw
As a metal fan, seeing Mastodon or Dethklok performing on separate headlining shows would be thrilling enough. So when it was announced that the two metal forces would co-headline a tour sponsored by Adult Swim, you could bet your ass I was excited as hell. And from the look of the crowd who entered the House Of Blues in Boston, MA on October 27, I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t wait to attend arguably the most diverse and exciting metal tours of the Fall, 2009. The two headliners, with openers Converge and High On Fire, without a doubt delivered on the fan’s expectations. Whether it was Mastodon’s progressive technicality, or Dethklok’s animated death metal performance, the crowd received a hell of a metal night.

First up was the Atlanta metal titans Mastodon. Once hitting the stage, the band went full blast into the performance, not stopping to talk to the audience until the end of their set. With only a few color lights to set the mood and a video screen displaying part acid trip and part medieval Russian soap opera, the band stormed through their latest album, Crack The Skye, from beginning to end. The band showcased their mix of progressive and sludge metal through each riff and harmony, leaving fans gasping for air over their precise timing and technicality. Though the band didn’t banter with the audience in between songs, the band communicated through its music and instruments. Bassist/co-singer Troy Sanders possessed confidence and swagger as he kept a steady pace for Brent Hinds (also co-singer) and Bill Kelliher’s meaty guitar riffs. As intense as the three were, it was Brann Dailor’s drumming that took the sound of the band over the top. The only complaint one could have over Mastodon’s set was that they stuck to playing songs from Crack The Skye (only playing a four song encore that featured songs from their previous albums). While playing more well-known songs might have made the show better for some, hearing the band display their unique grasp of metal through Crack The Skye was pleasing enough.








Next up was Dethklok in the flesh. The live incarnation of the cartoon metal band from the Adult Swim show Metalacolypse proved that the music wasn’t to be taken lightly. Show Co-creator Brendon Small (who took lead vocal and guitar duties) acquired a lineup of senior musicians that included Gene Hoglan (ex- Death, Testament, Strapping Young Lad) on drums, Mike Keneally (Steve Vai’s backing band) on guitar and Bryan Beller (Steve Vai’s backing band) on bass. Needless to say, the band sounded extremely tight as they played songs that captured enough technicality and melody to make any metal fan go insane with joy. What made the band’s performance unique though was its mix of music and comedy. Extended animated music videos (many of which appeared on the show) were displayed during each song, while new clips featuring “the band” backstage and popular side characters were shown in between every other three songs. Showing footage from Metalacolypse with the already kick ass songs made the show even more fun to witness. The over the top animations didn’t distract the audience from the awesome musicianship onstage (as I was afraid of happening at first). If anything, it made fans more excited for each song being performed. The visuals made you feel as if you were watching your favorite band live, not just some joke band you’ve seen on TV. In a weird sense, it gave the audience the same electrifying rush you receive at a true metal concert.









Sadly, I was unable to catch opener High On Fire. However, from my past experiences seeing them in concert, I’m sure they didn’t disappoint. I also unfortunately was only able to catch the last song from Converge’s set. While it mainly sounded like scattered noise, the band’s energy was enough to catch my attention (at least for the remainder of the song). Despite this quick glimpse, I will reserve judgement on Converge until I become more familiar with them. Even without seeing the openers, Dethklok and Mastodon were enough to make the night a great metal experience. With Dethklok’s straight-up death/thrash metal and Mastodon’s progressive/sludge metal, the audience got the metal fix they were aching.

2 Responses to “Dethklok and Mastodon Bring Metal’s Hottest Fall Tour To Boston”

  1. rameekins Says:

    Your coverage of the concert is awesome! I have never heard either of these bands and I’m itching to listen to them now, especially Deathklok. You’re such a devoted blogger, and I think that is pretty awesome. Someday you’ll be covering concerts for Rolling Stone or something crazy like that.

    Thanks for helping me and Juliet out with our movie!

  2. aww wow, thanks becca!!!! that really means alot to hear!! im so glad you enjoyed.

    ps np, my pleasure to help!

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