Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 3: Editing and Building CMC Wiki

1. Which entry did you write? Which did you edit?

Previously, each micro-assignment was mentioned on the Wiki CMC page. When Libby, Ali and I added the Grading section to the page, we create a separate page for each part. I wrote the pages for the Micro-assignments and Attendance/Participation. Libby wrote the page for Blogs/Journal. Ali wrote the page for the Macro-assignments. We also created links for each part of the grading, as well as for the authors.

In addition, added more detail to the course description. I changed “This course” in the first sentence to “Computer Mediated Communications (COM 170)”. I also added the sentence “This course is taught by Professor Paul Bohan Broderick at Clark University” to the end of the course description.

2. How hard was it to make an entry?

The only difficulty I had when making an entry was not being able to edit when others were. The site did not allow you to edit while others were editing the same post. However, once more pages were being creating, there were more things to edit (thus speeding the process up). It also helped that I was working with Libby and Ali. We were able to spread the work together so more was done. For example, while I was creating a link page for Micro-assignments, Libby was able to work on the page with Blogs/Journals without interference. This way, everyone was able to contribute to editing.

3. Did you notice the opportunities for social interaction? Did you speak with the student whose entry you edited? Did anyone speak to you about editing your entry? Was there any sort of spontaneous order that resulted from this exercise?

I absolutely noticed the opportunities for social interaction. Wikipedia gives people the chance to create and edit a piece of work together. People are collaborating to accomplish the same goal: gathering information. While I did not speak with students whose post I edited, I did collaborate with Libby and Ali on editing the page. As soon as we got started, we began a pattern of how we posted updates (each of us taking a turn posting something), which then led to us working on new pages. Our communication led to building more on the site.

4. What is your general impression of this tool?

I am personally impressed with this tool and the capabilities it gives the web user. People are able to engage with a platform that seeks to enhance information. Through the discussion board featured on each page, people are also gathered with other people interested in the same goal of bettering sources about the subject. It is truly refreshing to see a Web 2.0 program that encourages participants to converse in order to improve something, rather than bashing.

One Response to “Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 3: Editing and Building CMC Wiki”

  1. that’s such a good point, your last sentence. so many web 2.0 applications, like forums, just degenerate into stupidity and name-calling. but wikis are actually full of people working together towards the greater good (hmmm… wikipedia is utilitarian?)

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