Shadows Fall Hit Metal Glory With Retribution

shadows_fall_retributionOut of all of the Mass-Core Metal bands to break out of New England, Shadows Fall has always been at the front of the charge. Their latest release, Retribution, proves that the boys from Springfield, MA are worthy of the buzz. With their first album off their own record label, Everblack Industries, Shadows Fall will make any metal fan both new and old raise their fists in the air.

Shadows Fall takes the aggression and melody from 2004’s The War Within and 2007’s Threads Of Life to the next level with Retribution. Singer Brian Fair’s vocals/screams feature more drive then ever, making songs like “My Demise” and “A Public Execution” sound more like battle cries. The vocals only come off stronger when guitarist Matt Bachand joins Fair on backing vocals on songs like “Still I Rise”. Drummer Jason Bittner and bassist Paul Romanko keep the band tight while speeding through songs like “War” and “Dead And Gone” that would make speed metal fanatics melt. However, guitarists Bachand and Jonathan Donais steal the show with riffs and solos that will stick in your head forever. Anthems like “The Taste Of Fear”, “King Of Nothing” and “Embrace Annihilation” are soon to be classics that are drenched with meaty and mesmerizing guitar work. Donais and Bachand have created riffs that will blow away metal heads for decades to come.

Shadows Fall do more then just pay tribute to their metal idols, or provide slam dancing music to hardcore fans. Retribution features vigorous yet melodic music that makes the entire metal music scene so powerful. While Shadows Fall has always been reliable for carrying the banner of today’s heavy metal, the band finally steps up to the plate as future legends. Shadows Fall is not just thrash metal. They are not just hardcore. They are not just mass-core. With Retribution, Shadows Fall proves that they are METAL in all senses.

-Zach Shaw

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