Pearl Jam Delivers The Rock With Backspacer

1797470_170x170Need another excuse to shop at Target this fall? Well thankfully Pearl Jam has given us one with their new album (exclusively sold via Target and iTunes) Backspacer. The band delivers a garage rock album that will please everyone from the most hardcore Pearl Jam devotee to the young new fan.

Each song highlights the band’s ability to create simple, melodic rock music. Eddie Vedder’s vocals are as solid as ever, with songs like “The Fixer” and “Johny Guitar” showing the passion Vedder captures in his voice. Guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard remain as tight as ever with drummer Matt Cameron and bassist Jeff Ament, especially on songs like the punk anthem “Got Some” and the powerful “Amongst The Waves” . And while fast songs like “Gonna See My Friend” will make you bounce to the beats, ballads like “Just Breathe” and “Speed Of Sound” will bring you to tears. Songs like the later showcase how the beauty of Vedder’s voice wil make you think back on your life with pain and joy. Though I highlight the good of the album, I will admit that some might find Backspacer less than mind blowing. Songs like “Supersonic”, though catchy, may seem to lack a new edge some music fans search for. However, it is melodic garage rock the band captures with each song that makes their latest album a great addition to any rock fan’s record collection.

So whether you’re looking for songs that will arise emotions in your soul, or simply just good old gritty rock n’ roll, Pearl Jam’s new album will please your needs. With Backspacer, the boys from Seattle satisfy fans’ desire for simple, yet melodic old school rock. So next time you go to Target to pick up washing detergent, pick up a copy of Backspacer. You can’t go wrong.

-Zach Shaw

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