Megadeth’s Endgame Proves That The End Is Far From Coming

megadeth-endgameIntense metal guitar riffs: check. Mind blowing guitar solos: check. In your face thrash metal rhythms: check. Dave Mustaine’s ravaged vocals: check. All the ingredients to a great Megadeth album are present in their latest release Endgame. Whether you can’t stop listening to past classics like Rust In Piece or Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying? or if you just want truly off the wall heavy metal, then you’ll love Megadeth’s new album.

Dave Mustaine, Megadeth’s singer/guitarist/head hancho, is back in a big way. With riffs meatier then ever, Mustaine’s guitar playing is as fast and tasty as ever, making songs like “1,320” and “This Day We Fight!” feel as if they could’ve been written in the band’s hay day. Just like his guitar playing, Mustaine’s vocals sound equally intense on songs like “How The Story Ends” and “Bodies”. However, Mustaine isn’t the only one stepping up to the plate on the new album. Drummer Shawn Drover and bassist James Lomenzo are back on board to give songs like “The Right To Go Insane” and “Bite The Hand” the groove that separated Megadeth from the rest of the thrash metal scene of the 80s. New guitarist Chris Broderick adds his own stamp to songs like “Head Crusher” and … well come to think of it, the entire album! In other words, Broderick proves his worthiness as a new member of the band.

Don’t call Endgame a “comeback album” for the thrash titans. The new album serves as a reminder that Megadeth are not just some washed up 80s metal band. With the album’s fast, heavy, and uncontrollable riffs, Dave Mustaine and company confirms that Megadeth will always be seen as the metal icons they truly are.
-Zach Shaw

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