CKY Returns Home to Philly on Their Last Stop

CKY ended their 3 month U.S. tour in support of their latest release, “Carver City”, in their home city of Philadelphia, PA on August 15th. The CKY Alliance (the band’s fan base) came out in full force to see their native heroes lay ground at the Theater of Living Arts (the TLA), and the band more than delivered.

Once hitting the stage, CKY attacked fans with their distinct, in your face hard rock/punk hybrid of music, never letting the audience catch their breath. Each song was given an intense edge, as the band stormed through songs that spanned their entire catalog. Songs like “Escape From Hellview” and “Attached At The Hip” sounded even heavier and more intense live, while new songs “Hellions On Parade” and “Imaginary Threats” gave the fans a rush of energy. You could feel the crowd rapture into excitement when the first notes of “96 Quite Bitter Beings” were hammered out. In between songs and when the audience took a quick break from chanting (which only lasted seconds), the band teased the audience with 30 sample clips/ covers of obscure songs that included Cher’s “If You Believe In Love” and Flo Rida’s “A-I-R”. However, after a quick play, CKY stopped to highlight their silliness and went straight back into the fist pumping rock songs they are known for.

With its mix of technical yet simple melodic hard rock, CKY sounded extremely tight. Just looking at the band, you could tell that they relished in the CKY chants they received from their hometown loyals. Guitarist Chad I. Ginsburg took the role of the main cheerleader, making fans chant “CKY” whenever he had a chance while simultaneously blitzing through guitar solos and bouncing off everything on stage. Singer/guitarist Deron Miller traded riff duties with Chad while singing each note and chorus with drive and passion. The two guitarists added more brutality to each song as they wailed through riffs together, while drummer Jess Margera pounded through heavy drum patterns and bassist Matt Deis kept a strong presence onstage. Throughout the entire show, the band appeared confident and fierce on stage while hammering each song into the already captivated audience.

Before CKY took the stage, fans were treated to stellar performances from Post Punk/Metal band Fall From Grace, Doom Metal band ASG and Stoner/Jam Rockers Graveyard. With each band added their own sense of diversity to the tour’s last show, CKY stole the entire night as they performed their own unique style of music in the city where they got their start. To say the least, the band’s home town show was truly a success. Whether you were a fan since the band’s debut in 1999 with “Vol. 1” or became a fan recently with the release of their latest CD “Carver City”, you couldn’t help but leave the show ecstatic with joy.

– Zach Shaw

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