Computer Mediated Communications Assignment 1: Creating A Blog

1. Which service are you using? Why?
I am using to make my blog. I was first attracted to this server after Professor Broderick explained that while the other servers may be easier to use, would allow me to do more with my blog. The notion of being able to “do more” intrigued me and made me think of all the possibilities that I could do with my blog. However, was my final choice after I realized that the music news site I work for,, actually uses This made me view the server as something more than just a tool for the every day blogger. all of the sudden seemed more professional, and made me want to learn how to use it even more.

2. How hard was it to set up the blog? If you had difficulties, what were they?
Setting up my blog wasn’t too troubling. I was able to set up my web site link ( and personal information without difficulties. After playing around with the settings, I was able to change my color theme and background to my choosing. However I am still trying to find where I would change the actual text’s color and personalize the page even further. Having some experience with, I was able to add new posts to the blog with out any problems. At first I was struggling to find a way to add pictures or imagery to the posts, but I quickly discovered how to. So once I played around with the settings and sidebar, everything came naturally.

3. Did you notice the opportunities for social interaction? (alternately, are you afraid that you’ll be talking to the void?)
I definitely noticed the opportunities a blog offers for social interaction for both the author and reader. The author is given a new outlet to express their own views on anything. He or she is not restricted on what they can write (or post) about in their own blog. They can discuss everything from their political views to favorite sci-fi movies. As simple as it is for an author to express their own thoughts, it is just as easy for an online user to get sucked into the postings on the blog. Readers not only can spend all day reading someone else’s thoughts, but can also respond to them by leaving comments. Blogs can stir up discussions amongst people with similar thoughts and interests, a powerful tool held by Web 2.0.

4. Given your current experience, do you think that you will use this technology after the class is over?
I will absolutely continue using this blog after the class (whether I use this exact page or create a new one). As someone who aspires to be in the Music Industry, a blog is a great platform to showcase and improve one’s writing skills. This blog gives me an outlet to publish my own CD and concert reviews as well as a place to highlight my musical talents through pictures and video. It gives me experience that I will need for a future in the Music Business. In addition to the professional aspect, it is also a simple, fun way to express my own opinions about music, pop culture and life.

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